About Us

Chilik is a leading supplier of superior quality stationery items.


At Chilik, we fully understand how difficult it is to source unique, fun and useful arts and crafts products both online and locally. We are 100% committed to providing our valued customers with the very best chalk makers currently available on the market which can be used by old and young alike and in a wide variety of settings.


The revolutionary Chilik Professional Chalk Marker comes in a whopping 18 colors and you are also provided with a set of tweezers, 20 labels, 2 spare tips as well as ca cloth!


Whether you are looking for a chalk market to promote your restaurant’s specials, the items on sale in your store, specials at your salon or even goods at your market, the Chilik Professional Chalk Marker is ideal and the perfect tool with which to enhance your handwriting, allowing you to easily create a beautiful advertisement. This marker is also perfect for those wishing to make props for their special occasion (eg. weddings, parties, etc). Teachers also love the Chilik Professional Chalk Marker to design notices in classrooms while children enjoy using it to develop their creativity.


This incredible marker is so versatile that it can be used on multiple surfaces such as chalk boards, glass, white boards and much more.


The Chilik Professional Chalk Marker is made using only the highest quality materials and is manufactured according to the strictest standards of workmanship. Additionally, it is entirely non-toxic making it 100% safe for little ones to use.


With excellent customer service, professionalism, creativity, integrity and reliability being the cornerstone of everything we do here at Chilik, we are continuously striving to offer our customers the best service possible. To this end, we have an informative newsletter in which you can receive attractive discounts on our products and take part in our excellent promotions!

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